Mold Removal Safety Protocols

Mold Removal Safety Protocols

There are many types of mold that you might find growing within your home. Many are not harmful and can be eradicated quite easily with easily-found products. Others, like black mold, can be extremely dangerous for anyone living in the home and require expert services for safe removal. There is a safety protocol for mold removal and the most experienced removal companies will follow the process to a T for their safety and yours.  

Repair and isolate

The first step in treating a mold problem for good is to repair the water leak or issue that caused the moisture that allowed for the mold growth in the first place. Once the repair is completed, a professional mold removal outfit will isolate the air completely before technicians start removing and treating the mold. This oftentimes requires sealing the air vents,windows and doorways into other rooms.   

Full mold removal

Once the area is completely contained, a crew will begin to remove the mold fully from the space. How they do so is dependent on what kind of surfaces the mold is growing on. If it’s growing on the sheet rock in a room, it’s likely the crew will remove the entire area of sheetrock and apply a mold killing solution to the studs behind the wall. If the mold is growing on flooring or carpet, the crew will remove the material and treat the subfloor underneath.   

Air filtration and vacuuming

Once the remediation crew has completely treated the mold in place, it will then turn its attention to the ambient air of the home. If the problem was extensive enough, and if the crew has reasons to believe mold spores might be found in your HVAC system, they might fully clean and vacuum the system to remove any spores that might support future mold growth. It takes less than three weeks for a single mold spore to grow into a visible mold colony. 

Mold removal deodorization

Removing mold from a space often leaves a lingering smell that you probably don’t want in your home. Experts suggest it can smell Earthy, like meat, or rotting wood. The smell bothers some people and doesn’t bother others, but no mold removal job would be complete without deodorization of the space. An experienced mold restoration company will have plenty of tricks for removing this unwanted smell from your home.

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