Restoration Contractors – What to Know

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Restoration Contractors – What to Know

As a homeowner, you should know who restoration contractors are and what they do. You should also hope that you never need one. These professionals come into a home to repair major damage caused by big events like floods, fires, the identification of mold or asbestos in a home, sewage backups, other causes of water damage, and more. If you do one day find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of needing one of these companies, here’s how to choose one and what to know about the restoration process. 

How to find restoration contractors 

The easiest way to find restoration contractors in your area is to head online. Do an internet search that will be filtered geographically by companies located near you. Check out their website to see what kind of services they offer and what restoration projects they specialize in. Call any companies that look reputable to you and have them come out to survey the damage. You should have more than one company offer quotes on the project, and you shouldn’t automatically pick the lowest bidder.  

Dealing with insurance

Chances are if your home has been damaged by some catastrophic event, your homeowner’s insurance policy will kick in. Be sure to keep a solid paper trail of all receipts, bids, invoices, and any other paperwork related to the restoration project. When hiring a restoration company, you might also ask them about their experience dealing with insurance companies. And if you’re at a loss finding such a company in your area, your insurance company might be able to help.  

The restoration project

The company will proceed with the project and the goal of saving as much of the home, building, and materials as possible. They have machines that can dry out rooms and stop mold from developing in the event of a waterflood or major leak. If a fire has ravaged your home, restoration companies can do wonders removing smoke damage and sifting through burned materials. You should trust these experts to do the best job they can and to return your home to the peaceful place it was before.  

Pay for the project

If an insurance claim followed the damage-causing event, then your insurance company will cover all or most of the cost of the restoration work. Most insurance companies pay a homeowner directly. Most homeowners have to pay the restoration company directly, and the insurance check doesn’t always come first. Be sure you discuss this situation with your contractor and arrange a payment schedule that makes sense for all parties.

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