When to Call Water Damage Restoration

When to Call Water Damage Restoration

Damage to property by water is one of the most common and costly reasons for homeowners’ insurance claims in the U.S. You can never be too cautious about protecting your property from the threat of water and the damage that it can cause. Here are just a few scenarios that despite your best preventative measures, might still creep up and wreak havoc. These are also the times that you would want to seek out water damage restoration.

Water damage following a weather event

Catastrophic weather events can cause tremendous damage and loss for homeowners. Whether its a hurricane or tropical weather that sends surge flooding into your living room or a tornado that peels the protective roof off of your home leaving the insides exposed to rain, a weather event like this isn’t something that you can or should handle alone. These are the times that you should find water damage restoration near me for help.  

Frozen or busted pipes that cause flooding

While the coastal areas fear tropical storms, and the midwest watches the sky for cyclones, the northern parts of the country have another hazard to deal with—frozen pipes. Once the temperatures dip on the mercury for an extended period of time, water in pipes can freeze. Frozen water expands. And when it begins to melt, pipes can break causing a rush of water inside your home. This is another scenario where you’ll be glad to have water damage restoration pros on speed dial.  

Finding mold or mildew

There are no other crews as good at combating mold and mildew as water restoration technicians. These crews have the experience and know-how to get rid of mold and mildew for good. If you find mold growing in your home, there really is no time to waste. This substance can cause significant health issues and should be dealt with by an experienced crew as soon as possible.  

For your peace of mind

If you’re a homeowner, it’s wise to have all of your relied upon professionals on call in the event something terrible happens on your property. It’s smart to identify who you would call in many different scenarios during a time when you aren’t panicking about what’s happening around you. Having a knowledgeable and experienced water damage restoration team in your contact list is worth a pound of cure any day for the week. 

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